Academic Advisors

Prof. Dr. Mehmet Barca, MA

Mehmet Barca is an expert of strategic management. A freelance consultant at various government institutions, he also is an instructor at Ankara University. He acted as an expert on many projects conducted by several NGO’s and GO’s and has publications on strategic management, management technologies and information economics. Ph. D. and MBA, Leicester University, BSc. , Ankara University.

Prof. Dr.  Gürcan Yülek

A health physicist specialized in nuclear and radiological protection, Prof. Dr. Gürcan Yülek is a former Vice-President of Turkish Atomic Energy Commission. She has been the president of Standardization Committee for nuclear protection. A published scholar, she taught at Middle East Technical University, Ankara University  and Sakarya University. She undertook research at Surrey University. She participated in numerous international conferences and workshops including at Harvard University, ICTP (Trieste), International Atomic Energy Agency (Vienna), OECD (Paris).She was a board member in the cement industry and member in various scientific boards. She received BSc and MSc degrees (physics) from Ankara University, a post-graduate diploma (health physics) from Surrey University and a PhD degree (radiobiology) from Istanbul University.